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My name is Erin Spock and writing is my joy. Courtly Pleasures, a Tudor era historical romance, was my first complete novel. I pitched this to Crimson Romance, an imprint of Simon and Schuster, at RWA16 in San Diego. It is due to be released this December in e-format.

My other finished works include Courtly Scandals, Courtly Abandon, and Possessing Karma, a supernatural romantic thrillerPossessing Karma was available temporarily on Inkitt for two months. During that time it was a consistently trending book in both the romance and thriller genres. At the point I removed it, it had had over two thousand reads.  

I have two current works in progress. One contemporary romance (designed to be part of a series) set in small Southern California mountain town and involving an alcoholic costumer and CEO of the local tribal casino. I have titled this Come Undone and can see many more set in fictitious Rancho Santa Juanita, all with titles from songs. I also am working on a supernatural thriller with romantic elements, Call of Echoes. This story is set in modern day Ireland. It's about a woman returning to her roots and discovering that the dreams that have haunted her childhood are memories, but not hers. Much of this is based on my childhood in Ireland. My parents ran a hotel on twenty acres of woodland. Talk about great inspiration.

I became fascinated with the Elizabethan era after my high school drama group attended a Renaissance faire. I received my  BA from CSU San Marcos with a major in History (I focused on the social history of the Renaissance). When I am not writing, I am a history and art teacher for middle grades at a local charter school. I no longer participate in Renaissance faires, but my costume experience there has evolved into making Irish solo dresses for my daughter's dance competitions.
I started writing supernatural a few years ago and found I loved it. So far I've dabbled in ghosts and elemental spirits. In real life I'm really, really creeped out by hauntings. In order to broaden my repertoire of vocabulary and setting I've been reading horrors and watching scary movies. Needless to say, I haven't been sleeping well.

I started writing contemporary on the advice of a writer friend. It was a difficult transition given the formal speech patterns from historical, but I love it. Come Undone  has the potential to be my best story yet and will make you laugh and cry. I have two more stories set in the quirky mountain town of Rancho Santa Juanita planned, one of which focuses on an Irish dance protegee turned teacher (inspired by my experiences in the competitive Irish dance world via my daughters). All of my stories have a message of owning yourself and being deserving of happiness.

I am a member of RWA and was lucky to be attend RWA12 in Anaheim, RWA13 in Georgia,  RWA14 in San Antonio, and RWA16 in my home region of San Diego. I am a member of my local San Diego chapter and attended the Desert Rose 2014 and California Dreaming 2015 conferences. I am an blogger and follow writing blogs in effort to grow as a writer and learn about the writing community. It is my goal to make writing my career.  I am co-founder of the Inland Empire Sunday Morning Romance Writers.  

I live in Southern California with my husband, two daughters, and an elderly border collie named Portia.


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